PICRC Researchers contribute their knowledge and expertise to Koror State Tour Guide Certification Program

Palau International Coral Reef Center is taking part in Koror State Government Tour Guide Certification Program by delivering lectures on different topics related to coral reefs.   The aim of the Tour Guide Certification Program is to promote a sustainable dive and snorkel industry in Koror State.  PICRC’s expertise and knowledge on the marine environment will contribute to the goals of the program.

Starting on October 30th, PICRC researchers joined the program to present on coral reef biology, natural history, threats, and the work that PICRC does to keep stakeholders informed. With the inclusion of agencies such as PICRC, the tourism industry will stay informed on the state of our marine habitats, conservation efforts in Palau, and what they, as tour operators, can do to promote eco-friendly tourism.

“As our oceans face increasing threats, we must work together to minimize the impacts on our marine environments”, shares researcher, Victor Nestor. “As PICRC researchers we are eager to share what we have learned to contribute to a sustainable tourism industry in Palau”.