PICRC releases the 2019 Arts & Tides Calendar, “Water Connects Palau from Ridge to Reef”

Palau International Coral Reef Center’s 2019 Arts & Tides Calendar is now available to the public.  Complimentary copies of the calendar are being distributed to the students who participated in the art contest, the sponsors of the calendar, and PICRC’s partners. Additional copies of the 2019 Arts & Tides Calendar are available for purchase at the Giant Clam Gift Shop at PICRC for $4.50 each.

The 2019 Arts & Tides Calendar theme is Water Connects Palau from Ridge to Reef”. While we are surrounded by an ocean of water, freshwater is a finite resource that needs protection. The theme for this calendar has been chosen following one of the most severe droughts recorded in Palau. From our rainforests to our coral reefs, water connects all of Palau. It is one of the Center’s goal to remind the public that freshwater is a fundamental resource for people and ecosystem. In addition to the theme, the calendar will feature the local tides, moon phases, closed and open fish seasons, information on regulated marine species, national holidays and notable dates.

Over the years, PICRC’s annual Arts and Tides Calendar has become a popular and effective educational tool for students of all ages, educators, partners, community members, as well as visitors. Over 1,300 students from 15 elementary schools and four high schools participated in this year’s art contest. We hope that this calendar is used to raise awareness about water conservation among all of those who use it.

Visit PICRC’s website at www.picrc.org or call 488-6950 for more information about the 2019 Arts & Tides Calendar.