2020 Arts and Tides Calendar Awarding

On April 24, 2019, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) held the 2020 Arts & Tides Calendar Contest Awarding. This year, all five high schools and 16 out of 19 elementary schools participated in PICRC’s annual art contest, with a total of 1,329 artwork submissions.

The overall winner of the 2020 Arts and Tides Calendar Contest is Ms. Siwen Shao, an 8th grader from SDA Elementary School.  Out of the 1,329 submissions, Siwen’s artwork was selected as the overall winner.   Last year, Ms. Shao won first place for 7th grade category.

Since an SDA student won overall first place, PICRC staff went to SDA to present the award during the school’s morning assembly.  Joining PICRC to present the award was Ms. Yrang McCarty representing Surangel & Sons Company, one of the Arts and Tide Calendar Sponsor.   Ms. Shao’s unique and creative piece will be featured on the front cover of the 2020 Arts and Tides Calendar.

For the second year in a row, Koror Elementary School (KES) has had the most submissions and the largest number of winners. To show their appreciation for the high level of participation, PICRC staff and sponsors, Mr. Efren Marquez from IP&E, Mr. Matthew Arurang from Blue Bay Petroleum Inc. visited KES for a private awarding ceremony.

Following the awarding at KES, PICRC and representatives of the Arts and Tide Calendar sponsors, Mr. Efren Marquez from IP&E, Mr. Matthew Arurang from Blue Bay Petroleum Inc., Ms. Terry Ngiraingas and Ms. Ida Ngirmang from Ngara Maiberel held an awarding ceremony for all other schools at Kedarm Conference room at PICRC.

PICRC would like to recognize all of the winners for this year’s contest.

First-place winner: Rayna-Lynne Tadao (Grade 1, Koror ES), Rie Ingerekl Mekreos (Grade 2, Melekeok ES), Kean Reyes (Grade 3, Koror ES), Micaiah Ngellitel Oikawa Masayos (Grade 4, Melekeok ES), Grandon B. Basilius (Grade 5, Airai ES), Jaylyn T. Eberdong (Grade 6, G.B. Harris ES), Leevan Ngirawes (Grade 7, Ngeremlengui ES), Mitoko Charles (Grade 8, Koror ES), Kezia Casandra S. Cuizon (Grade 9, Belau Modekngei School), Alvin Mikel Emiliano Jr. (Grade 10, Belau Modekngei School), Xinyue Ruby Yang (Grade 11, Palau Mission Academy), Kaylene Buncal (Grade 12, Palau High School). First place winners will be featured inside the calendar, with each grade representing a calendar month.

Runner-ups: Leah Castro (Grade 1, Peleliu ES), Moriske J. Paulus (Grade 2, Koror ES), Caya A. Giramur (Grade 3, G.B. Harris ES), Alexis I. Rush (Grade 4, Ibobang ES), Ehra Nichole G. Villera (Grade 5, Koror ES) Jandall T. Emiwo (Grade 6, Ngeremlengui ES), Bernize Lorraine S. Gepty (Grade 7, Koror ES), Gemrae Olkeriil (Ngeremlengui ES), Zechariah Tarimel Tutii (Grade 9, Palau High School), Judgemean Ngiraikelau (Grade 10, Belau Modekngei School), Yuling Selena Sun (Grade 11, Palau Mission Academy), and Madison D. Ngirmidol (Grade 12, Palau High School). Runner-ups will be featured on the backside of the calendar.

Congratulations to the all the winners of the 2020 Arts and Tide Calendar contest.  We thank all the students who participated and the teachers and principals who encouraged their students to participate.  PICRC would like to thank all the businesses and organizations who sponsor the Arts and Tide Calendar. As always, PICRC urges students to continue to take part in this tradition.