University of Queensland Professor becomes adjunct researcher at PICRC

Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC), welcomes Professor Peter Mumby as an adjunct researcher to the Center. As an adjunct researcher, Professor Mumby will bring new ideas and expertise to the Center. Additionally, he will assist the Center with designing new survey designs, publishing scientific papers, and producing solid science that will contribute to the management of Palau’s marine resources.

Professor Mumby received his PhD from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and currently, is a Professor at the University of Queensland’s School of Biological Sciences. He is also the Chief Scientist for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Professor Mumby has been working closely with PICRC for nearly ten years and has collaborated on eight peer-review journal articles with PICRC researchers.

“I have enjoyed collaborating with the PICRC for more than a decade and although I’m not Palauan I feel deeply about the health of the reef and fisheries. Palau faces a number of important challenges and I’m excited to work closely with PICRC and its partners to help find solutions.”

Professor Mumby began his career helping with the development of marine reserves in Belize. This is where he first recognized the lack of scientific information available for decision-making regarding marine conservation. This realization launched his research pathway, aimed towards providing scientific data to inform practical conservation and management action.  Dr. Mumby’s research combines field observations, experiments, remote sensing, and ecological modeling to answer questions about ecosystem resilience, impacts of climate change, marine reserve functioning and design, connectivity of ecosystems, coral reef fisheries, and marine spatial planning to capture ecosystem services.

“We are excited to have Professor Mumby, a world renowned expert on coral reefs, join PICRC as an adjunct researcher”, shared Dr. Yimnang Golbuu, CEO of PICRC.  “His research objectives are well aligned with those of PICRC’s and we look forward to continuing this partnership with him to conduct research that will contribute to the conservation and management of Palau’s and the world’s coral reefs.”