PICRC intern Maikani Andres to study status of fish populations in Palau

Maikani Andres, a Palauan college student, is in Palau this summer attending the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) Summer Internship Program.  During her internship Maikani will focus on studying the status of fish populations in Palau.

Maikani is a junior at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, majoring in Marine Science. Maikani wishes to pursue a career in marine biology and chose to intern at PICRC so she can continue to learn about Palau’s coral reefs and the many threats they face.

PICRC Researcher, Lincy Lee Marino will serve as Maikani’s mentor during her internship at PICRC.  Together, they will work on the project to assess commercially important reef fish in Palau.

As part of her fieldwork, Maikani will conduct surveys using state of the art stereo-video system.  The videos will then be analyzed to determine the number of fish and their sizes.  The results from this study will be compared with previous years and used to determine the status of fish populations in Palau over time.