PICRC developing a k-12 School Program Curriculum

With education and outreach as one of the main focuses of the Center, the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) is currently developing the PICRC k-12 School Program Curriculum. This program is intended to raise awareness about marine ecosystems, promote the preservation of our planet and encourage students into pursuing Marine and Environmental Careers.

Aligned with Palau’s Ministry of Education Science Standards, the Program aims for students to reinforce concepts previously learned in the classroom by offering a scientific approach to the content. Through a series of lectures, activities and experimentation, students will be able to build up their scientific reasoning, reflect upon the impact that humans have on our planet and think about solutions to the problems our world is facing.

PICRC aims to have the program ready by January, 2020. While the program is being developed, PICRC invites school teachers to learn more about the Program and the resources available for them to use in the classroom, and encourages feedback to help with the development of this program.