Minister Icyang Parod from Taiwan visits the Palau Aquarium

On September 29, 2019 the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) had the honor to host Minister Icyang Parod of the Council of Indigenous Peoples, and his delegation from Taiwan, to the Palau Aquarium.

Sent as a Special Envoy by President Tsai, Minister Icyang is visiting Palau for the celebration of its 25th Anniversary of Independence. Throughout their visit, the Special Envoy attended several events, including the Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF) Austronesian Language Revitalization Forum, Independence Day Receptions, and the Official Independence Day Ceremony.

The tour around the Palau Aquarium was led by Aquarium Director, Ilebrang Olkeriil. During the tour, the delegation from Taiwan learned about the different marine ecosystems found in Palau and the Center’s efforts to preserve them.