PICRC staff successfully complete SCUBA diving training

LR Back- Morton Sawaichi, Maria Moreno, Randa Jonathan, Trinity Misech. Front- Andrea Uchel, Harrison Umang, Alik Ulechong, Benson Adelbai

During the second and third week of June, eight staff members from the Administration, Aquarium, and Research Departments at Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC), successfully completed their PADI Open Water 18-meter Diving Certification.

The SCUBA diving course took three days and involved an online component and the practical field training in the water.  All eight staff from the Center were able to successfully complete the course and they are now SCUBA diving certified.

Investing in people and learning is one of the six core values that PICRC is guided by.  Since its opening in 2001, the Center continues to build the capacity of its employees. From workshops, trainings, and certifications to supporting the completion of undergraduate and graduate degrees, PICRC is committed to invest in its staff as they continue to contribute towards the management and conservation of Palau’s marine resources.