PICRC soon to open its newly developed School Program

The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) is getting ready to launch its newly developed School Program. Expected to open towards the end of this year, the Program was created with the objective to promote marine conservation by using Palau’s ecosystems and local research as means to teach key scientific concepts.

Designed to cater to elementary and high school students, the Program is aligned with the Palau Ministry of Education Science Curriculum Standards, allowing students to build upon concepts that are already being learned in the classroom. Pre-elementary students are also welcome to be part of the program. Through a series of lectures, hands-on activities, and experimentation, students will be able to reinforce content, build scientific reasoning, and take action into conserving Palau’s marine ecosystems. This Program aims to bring science to life by offering students an opportunity to learn, wonder, and explore the environment that surrounds them.

As part of the preparations, the Center is currently renovating its Student Laboratory located in the Research Building. After changing the floors and painting the walls, PICRC staff is now adapting the room, making it suitable for student learning. “One of the Center’s main goals is education,” stated PICRC CEO, Yimnang Golbuu. “Research is important, but more so, is sharing this knowledge with the public, especially our students,” he added.