2020 Election Candidates Confirmed Support for 3rd National Environment Symposium Proposed Action Items

The four-page Policy Brief for the 3rd National Environment Symposium (NES) has been driving an ongoing effort by the Conservation Consortium to continue the dialogue on identified issues and their corresponding solutions to the public and leaders.  Last Thursday, September 24th, a “Tea and Tama” Policy Brief presentation to the election candidateswas held with a total of 19 in attendance.  In addition to one presidential candidate, SurangelWhipps, Jr., there were 18 other candidates for The Senate and House of Delegates.

A consistent theme that emerged from the key messages call for a localization agenda –to achieve resilience and insulate Palau against future shocks like Covid-19, we need to: 1) increase local control of production and decrease dependency on imports; 2) capitalize on existing local expertise in the tourism industry; and 3) increase access to renewable solar energy.  The policy brief was an opportunity for the candidates to be informed of the key messages that came out of the 3rd NES. In addition, the Consortium identified three intended take-aways for the candidates:  1) to use the proposed action items to help guide their respective campaign platforms; 2) add these issues to their ongoing conversations in order to keep the dialogue going; and 3)  and to help the Consortium implement the action items at an individual, state/community and national level.

The candidates provided valuable insights and contributed tremendously to the discussions and expressing their willingness to support the proposed policy recommendations.  The 3rd NES Policy Brief, “Tea & Tama” event photos and livestreamvideo are accessible on @palau2NES on Facebook and additional information can be found online at:  https://sites.google.com/view/gef6palau/national-environment-symposium.

The Conservation Consortium thanksall the candidates who were able to participate in the 3rd NES Policy Brief presentation and welcomes an open and continual dialogue with incumbents and other candidates who were unable to attend.For inquiries, please contact Charlene Mersai at charmersai@gmail.com.