Date Street Records and local singers in the conservation field will perform at PICRC’s 20th Anniversary Virtual Celebration

Each year for its anniversary celebration, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) showcases local artists. In the past, popular Palauan singers like Kendall Titiml, Elei Titiml and Kelau Remeliik have performed at various events for the Center, especially at the PICRC Anniversary Galas.

PICRC continues this tradition by highlighting the talents of the band, Date Street Records. Date Street Records have decided to contribute their musical talents to PICRC’s 20th Anniversary Virtual Celebration.

Date Street Records was formed by three men – Gordon Blailes, Kesol Ikertang and Wilbur Ngirngetrang – in 2000, while Jake Olouch and Jakestyle Studio joined the group in 2012. Together, they have released nine full albums and played all over mainland USA and Micronesia. The band members say, “we have been blessed to have collaborated with some of the well-known artists in Micronesia.”  Date Street Records have produced some memorable hit songs including Secret Admirer, Seniorita, Teddy Bear and the recent single “Toktang ra Heart.”

In addition to Date Street Records, local singers in the conservation field such Kiblas Soaladaob, Olkeriil Kazuo, Joy Shmull and Uly Olsudong will also be featured in the 20th Anniversary Virtual Celebration with live performances.

PICRC is grateful to Date Street Records and the local conservation singers for donating their time and talents to the 20th Anniversary virtual celebration! Join us in celebrating our 20th Anniversary by tuning in to PICRC’s various social media platforms on YouTube, Facebook, and Palau’s Local TV Palau Wave Channel 24 for a week-long celebration starting on January 18th.

On the evening of January 18, at 6PM, the 20th Anniversary Virtual Celebration program will be broadcast live by PNCC Live on its YouTube channel and on channel 73 on cable television.