Current Openings


Do you want to work with our fish? In this position, volunteers will learn about caring for our fish and corals. Volunteers will be mentored by the aquarium staff and work in close proximity to our fish. Tasks include preparing food, cleaning tanks and display areas, maintenance, installing new displays, and collecting new species. No special skills are required. We have several openings with flexible hours and days. The minimum commitment is 4 hours per week for six months.


Do you love to share knowledge and meet new people?  In this position, volunteers will interact with our diverse guests. Volunteers will lead group tours and participate in education events.  Volunteers will be mentored by a member of our staff. Knowledge of English required. Additional knowledge of Palauan, Japanese, Mandarin, or Korean is preferred. Tasks include leading scheduled group tours. Volunteers will also educate themselves on Palau’s marine environment in order to enhance their ability to lead successful tours. We have several openings with flexible hours and days. The minimum commitment is 4 hours per week (usually broken into 2 tours and 2 self-education hours).


Do you want to see how our researchers work in the field? Volunteers in PICRC’s research department will join them during underwater survey and monitoring. Additional tasks include data management and lab work. Find out how they use data to help prioritize marine protection needs and direct conservation efforts. This position works closely with researchers and requires significant training. Therefore, we require a larger time commitment from our research volunteers. Often, we require one work week (five consecutive eight-hour days) for volunteers who want to work on a field project. Individuals with specialized skills can work on specialized projects with prior approval from the Research Department Head.  Please contact us for more information.


Do you love working behind the scenes or want to develop valuable job skills?  Volunteers in this department provide the support that allows PICRC and the Palau Aquarium to be successful. Volunteers help with data entry and administrative tasks. We have several openings with flexible hours and days. The minimum commitment is 4 hours per week for six months.


Do you love working with kids? Volunteers in our education department participate in many school programs. Gain rewarding teaching skills while learning more about Palau’s marine environment. Extensive training is provided for this program. Positions are available Monday through Saturday. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old to volunteer with school programs. The minimum time commitment is four hours per week.


Do you love to build community? Volunteers in this position will learn valuable community outreach and public relations skills. Volunteers will work closely with the Extension Agent to update and manage our donor and membership program by acknowledging gifts and contributions, tracking membership, creating membership cards, and writing and posting thank you notes. The minimum time commitment for this position is 4 hours per week, for 6 months.