Current Openings

**No Current Internship Openings as of JULY 2016 Until Further Notice**


Designed for marine biology students, this internship trains students on caring for and presenting live collections. Assist in tank designs and installation. Research Palau’s marine habitat and create miniature version in our tanks. Collect marine species for exhibits, release and replace species when necessary. Inventory exhibit species and communicate exhibit needs. Assist in all aspects of the daily operation of the Aquarium’s animal food preparation including daily preparation of the various fresh, frozen and live food products used to feed the animal collection. Ensure that food preparation and storage areas are maintained in a safe and sanitary manner. Feed animals and work alongside Senior Aquarists. Assist aquarists with the cleaning and maintenance of exhibits. Must be able to lift 50 pounds, carry buckets up a ladder, snorkel and scuba dive, work in confined spaces, and handle live fish, plants, corals, and marine invertebrates. May be asked to work with chemicals.


Assist in field survey and data analysis. Learn about Palau’s Protected Area Network and Marine Protection Areas. Individual research specialization varies. Once your application is complete, our researchers will contact you to develop a research project which fits your interest. Must be able to lift 50 pounds, snorkel and scuba dive, and use an underwater camera.


Interact with aquarium guests at exhibits and touch pools. Educate guests about Palau’s marine ecology, marine species, and conservation needs. Give educational presentations. Assist in guest program development and educational outreach. Must be able to lift 40 pounds and stand for long periods.


Work closely with the Extension Agent as part of the public relations and outreach team. Research and write press releases and website content. Use social media. Coordinate photo shoots and media interviews. Take photos for press releases. Compile an image file of all species in the Palau Aquarium. Must be able to use: fax, copier, scanner, camera, and Microsoft Office Suite.


Assist in the development and implementation of educational programs, such as educator workshops, interactive exhibits, public lectures, and school programs. Must be able to use: fax, copier, scanner, camera, and Microsoft Office Suite.


Assist in the development and implementation of fundraising events and member events. Help recognize donors through donor benefit programs, VIP events, and thank you notes. Analyze donation statistics and help plan donation solicitation strategies. Write press releases. Help with day-to-day management of these programs.
Must be able to use: fax, copier, scanner, camera, and Microsoft Office Suite.