Endowment Fund

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All of your contributions are tax deductible for up to 10% of your total income tax withheld annually.

The endowment fund, created in 2003 with an initial contribution from Dr. Satoko Ishida, is perhaps the center’s most significant fundraising activity. The goal of the fund is to create a cash reserve that will enable the center to sustain its mission on marine research, training and educational activities. Contribution is open to the entire community, as well as our friends and partners from abroad.

Your contributions will allow PICRC to continue its work in marine research, training and educational activities for conservation of our reefs. Our marine resources are increasingly at risk from a variety of natural events and human activities. These resources are essential to the economy of our country and the culture of the people.

Help us ensure the sustainability of our resources for future generations by joining the endowment program. All you have to do is call us at (680) 488-6950 or send an email to picrc@picrc.org, and we will take care of the rest, including the filing of your annual refund.
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