PICRC Announces 2019 Calendar Theme: “Water Connects Palau from Ridge To Reef”

The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) Outreach team has began their annual school visits to introduce the theme for the Arts and Tides Calendar Contest. On Wednesday November 15th, Ms. Ines Kintoki and Ms. Anna Parker visited Emmaus-Bethania High School to announce the theme for the 2019 Arts and Tides Calendar. The theme for this year’s calendar is, “Water Connects Palau from Ridge to Reef”. The theme for this calendar has been chosen following one of the most severe droughts recorded in Palau.  With this theme PICRC hopes to remind the public that freshwater is a fundamental resource for people and ecosystems. From our rainforests to our coral reefs, water connects all of Palau. While we are surrounded by an ocean of water, freshwater is a finite resource that needs protection. It is one of the most valuable resources our planet has to offer and must be used responsibly or like any resource it will be depleted and gone forever. read more

PICRC releases Technical Report on Socioeconomic study of PAN Sites in Ngatpang State

The PAN was established in 2003 to protect Palau’s rich biodiversity and to build resiliency to the impacts of climate change. In 2015, baseline ecological studies were conducted in the PAN Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to assess their effectiveness.  While understanding the effectiveness of the PAN on Palau’s ecosystems is critical, it is also necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the PAN through the public’s perspective. In order to gauge the communities’ perception of these protected areas, PICRC began conducting socioeconomic baseline surveys to complement the ecological studies done in the state PAN sites. read more

PICRC awarded an NSF grant to identify and protect heat resistant corals

During a critical time when corals are facing increasingly warming water due to climate change, Palau may hold the key to preserving these resource rich ecosystems.

Tropical corals are able to tolerate temperatures between 73° and 84° Fahrenheit (22° – 30° Celsius). Water temperatures deviating just a few degrees over this range can result in bleaching and potentially even large mortality events. Over the past two decades coral bleaching events have become more and more frequent as oceans continue to warm, yet studies have hinted that some corals in Palau are naturally resistant to warming waters. read more

PICRC intern awarded scholarship to study Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change

As a child Ms. Persis Dilbudch Omelau spent many nights on the ocean fishing with her father. It was through the wisdom her father shared on these nights that Ms. Omelau recognized the vulnerability of Palau’s oceans. Her aspirations to conserve and protect Palau’s valuable resources stemmed from these early memories.

After graduating from Mindszenty High School in 2010, Ms. Omelau attended Palau Community College where she received her Associate of Science degree in Environmental Marine Science. She graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries in 2016. During the summers of 2015 and 2016 Ms. Omelau interned with the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC). It was through her internship with PICRC that Ms. Omelau first learned about the Scholarships offered by the Government of Malta. read more

New JICA Volunteer brings marketing and graphic design expertise to PICRC

On October 9th, 2017 Ms. Hiromi Ito joined the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC), as a volunteer from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to share her expertise in Graphic Design with the PICRC team. For eight months she will be assisting the Center in the development of  marketing materials for the aquarium and gift shop, creative displays for exhibits,  and fundraising efforts.  In addition, Ms. Ito will work directly with the PICRC staff  on marketing strategies and graphic design programs. read more