Palau Aquarium

The goal of the Palau Aquarium is to stimulate interest, increase knowledge and promote stewardship of our coral reefs and the world’s ocean environment through innovative exhibits, creative education and awareness programs, and on-going scientific research.

Our visitor program offers an intimate first-hand look into the world of the diverse coral reef ecosystem, based on the thematic coral reef habitats. It is comprised of 12 sub-themed aquariums conveying details on many different habitats that are imitated with breathtakingly beautiful marine animals in their unique environments.

13 February 2013
Palau Aquarium Opens New Touch Tank Exhibit
Palau Aquarium, the interpretive division of Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC), opened its new Touch Tank exhibit with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, February 13th. The Touch Tank is expected to be a fun, interactive way for children and adults to learn about marine invertebrates, such as sea cucumber and blue starfish. These invertebrates are safe to handle, and they each have a distinct texture—from slimy and slippery to coarse and dry. The Touch Tank is located near picnic gazebos, and Palau Aquarium encourages families to visit and enjoy the new exhibit.

The Touch Tank supplies were purchased with funds from Palau Pacific Resort’s (PPR) recent donation. The US Civilian Action Team (CAT) donated the skilled labor to install the tank. The ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by the US Ambassador Reed-Rowe, PPR General Manager Mr. Maedani Naoyuki, members of the CAT Team, Captain Matthew Adams, and children from Palau’s Head Start program, marks the first major installation in the Palau Aquarium since its opening.

Palau Aquarium is open every day, from 8-5 during the week and from 9-5 on the weekends. Please see our website,, for more information about admissions, directions, and exhibits.

28 January 2013
Palau Aquarium Begins Renovations
The Palau Aquarium recently reviewed its exhibit offerings and proposed a plan for performing needed repairs, updating current exhibits, and developing new informational content for our visitors.

Although some of the renovations will wait until we acquire funding, the facelift has already begun. The United States Civilian Action Team, using supplies funded by a recent Palau Pacific Resort donation, has begun installing a new Touch-Tank Exhibit next to our outdoor gazebos. The touch-tank should be completed by the end of the week, and it will feature a variety of marine invertebrates and vegetation. It has been a pleasure to watch these dedicated men working efficiently to support our aquarium.

We encourage the public to visit during the renovations. New informational content, design work, and even new species acquisitions will be trickling in at a steady pace, and it will be interesting to watch the transition. As Asap Bukurrou, Senior Aquarist at the Palau Aquarium explains, “All these renovations and improvements are designed to make the aquarium more enjoyable for both locals and tourists.”

The Palau Aquarium is the educational and interpretive branch of Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC). The renovations mark an important shift in PICRC’s operational priorities, and they support the center’s renewed emphasis on public outreach and sharing important conservation information.