Micronesia Challenge

Every two years, the effectiveness of prioritized sites in MC jurisdictions is assessed and understood to help support effective management through the Micronesia Challenge.

PICRC is a key member of the Micronesia Challenge (MC) Measures Working Group, which is working to measure the overall progress toward achieving the goals of the MC across Micronesia. To measure progress it is essential to monitor management effectiveness, biological factors, and socio-economic impacts and benefits that result from MC implementation. PICRC has been working with other members of the Measures Working Group over the past four years to help establish and implement a standardized monitoring protocol and has been the main organization conducting marine biological monitoring.


PICRC will continue to work with other members of the MC Measures Working Group to implement the standardized monitoring protocol. This work includes traveling to selected sites in MC jurisdictions to carry out marine ecological monitoring. In the past, PICRC and other members of the MC Measures Working Group attempted to create local monitoring teams with sufficient capacity to conduct monitoring for MC purposes. While local monitoring teams are fully capable of conducting monitoring activities for local management purposes, it is important for PICRC to continue to have primary responsibility for conducting the MC monitoring to help ensure that the quality of monitoring is maintained and that the data are verifiably reliable. As a result, the plan to create independent monitoring teams and hubs for MC Measures in each jurisdiction will not be pursued and MC monitoring will be the responsibility of the Center. However, during the field visits to each jurisdiction, the Center will continue to involve local monitoring teams.

In addition to conducting monitoring in the field, the Center will also collate, analyze, interpret and store as well as share the results with other members of the MC Measures Working Group and other key partners in the region. The MC Measures Working Group and local MC partners in all jurisdictions will continually be involved in the process and updated on the approach.