Research to Support Palau State and National Government Conservation Management

The Center is dedicated to supporting the management research needs of Palau’s state and national governments. For example, in the past, the Center provided field research support to Ngardmau for understanding the status of the population of sea cucumbers. This type of information dissemination is crucial to understanding how best to manage the fishery for various species. Providing research support to address key management questions is an important aspect of the Center’s mission.

However, the Center’s limited resources make it imperative that research topics be prioritized. When requests fall outside the Center’s current capacity, the Center and the requesting agency must collaborate to identify necessary resources and build capacity to carry out the work. While the Center will do all within its resources to provide this critical function, there may be cases in which the Center is simply not able to provide the research support.


The Center will meet with States and National Agencies at least once a year to consult on any management research needs that the Center can support. Research questions that are applicable to more than one agency will be given priority, as will those that are critical to pending resource management policy decisions. The Center will also work with the agencies to identify the necessary resources to pursue prioritized research as possible. Where outside capacity would be required to augment the expertise of Center’s staff, the Center will attempt to secure assistance within the funding constraints.