Australian Ambassador Visits the Classroom at the Center

On June 23, Australian Ambassador Richelle Turner visited the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) and toured the newly renovated student laboratory and classroom.  The Government of Australia’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) awarded a 10,000 USD grant in December 2020 to PICRC to purchase equipment and materials for the PICRC’s newly developed school program. The resources awarded by the DAP fund was used to support PICRC’s newly developed school program, with the purchasing of equipment such as microscopes, tablets, Lego kits and various teaching tools to better implement the program using the Student Laboratory and classroom.

PICRC’s school program is aligned with Palau’s Ministry of Education Science Standards and curriculum.  The aim of the school program is to bring PICRC’s facilities and expertise to support the student of Palau in a more interactive and hands on learning.  The idea is to bring science to life to the students in a new setting outside of their normal classroom.  Lessons target various learning styles and have a hands-on approach.

PICRC’s school program was launched in October 2020, in celebration of the Palau National Marine Sanctuary’s (PNMS) 5th anniversary.  Since then, the program has reached 10 schools and more than 160 students.  The ultimate goal of PICRC’s school program is to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and environmentally aware citizens. PICRC would like to thank Australian Ambassador Richelle Turner and the Government of Australia for their support to the Center and to the students of Palau.