PICRC launches “Berius el Chais” talk show on Palau Wave Radio

On Tuesday, June 29, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) launched its Talk Show with the Palau Wave Radio, a local radio station owned by Mr. Salvador Tellames. The show’s name is “Berius el Chais”, which literally translates to “current” (Berius) “news” (Chais). Like the current that spreads animals and plants throughout the ocean, Berius el Chais will spread the news and ideas about the ocean and PICRC to everyone. Current also means the latest happening or what is being done now, so it is a fitting name of the show since it will feature the latest news about the ocean and the work of the Center. In addition to the live broadcast on Palau Wave Radio, Berius el Chais will also be shown in Palau Wave Television, in Palau Wave Radio Facebook page and YouTube Channel. 

The main purpose for this show is to regularly share the work of the Center with the people of Palau.  The show will also provide opportunities for partners and other agencies working on the ocean to participate and share their work with the public.

The first episode of Berius el Chais featured Geraldine Rengiil, Director of Research Department at PICRC.   Director Rengiil was able to provide a few updates of completed research projects, as well as ongoing and upcoming projects and trainings at the Center. Andrea Uchel and Masasinge Hideos the show’ co-host, joined Director Rengiil in the launching of the first show. The next episode is scheduled for next Tuesday, July 13. The show will feature special guests from Palau National Marine Sanctuary (PNMS).

Berius el Chais is scheduled for every other Tuesday –during payday week, at 8AM.