King Sam joins PICRC as the new Director for Palau National Marine Sanctuary (PNMS)

After going through Palau International Coral Reef Center’s application and screening process, King Sam was selected as the new Director for PNMS. Director Sam will oversee the functions, operations and administrations of the PNMS while facilitating and coordinating relevant activities with the Ministry of Natural Resource Environment and Tourism (MNRET) to support the domestic fishery and Ministry of Justice to support surveillance and enforcement.  Director Sam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position, having been involved and leading many of the major initiates at MNRET. read more

Peleliu Elementary Students Explore Palau Aquarium

On March 18, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) hosted ten students along with three teachers and chaperone from Peleliu Elementary School. The group was consisted of 7th and 8th graders who traveled from Peleliu to Koror as part of their school’s Education Awareness Week (EAW) activities.

Staff at PICRC prepared some hands-on activities with the objective to introduce the formation of Palau islands and the different marine ecosystems in Palau. The students enjoyed the tour at the Palau Aquarium, while engaging in some fun and educational hands-on activities. The hands-on activities included the feeding habits of the fish in the mangroves, the camouflage game portraying how marine organisms camouflage in their environment and the coral activity demonstrated how corals survive or bleach depending on the temperature of the water. read more

PICRC meets with Airai State Legislators to discuss the status of Medal Ngediull Conservation Area

On March 09, 2021, Palau International Coral Reef Center’s (PICRC) researcher, Victor Nestor, gave a presentation to Airai State legislature and Airai State Protected Areas Network (PAN) office on the status of Medal Ngediull Conservation Area.

The presentation is based on PICRC Technical report 21-03 titled “Assessment of Medal Ngediull Conservation Area in 2019”.  The report provides survey results on reef fish populations, seagrass cover, coral cover and coral recruits within Medal Ngediull. Data from the surveys shows that the density of herbivorous fish in lagoon reefs in Medal Ngediull Conservation Area increased over time. On the other hand, some resources in the seagrass bed such as fish and invertebrates are on the decline. The protection measures that have been put up for Medal Ngediull Conservation Area appears to have little to no significant effect, especially on the seagrass bed. Throughout the discussion with the state legislators and state PAN staff, there seems to be a lot of concerns regarding terrestrial runoffs and sediment deposits within the area. read more

PICRC Bids Farewell to Noah Idechong

On February 24, the Palau Interactional Coral Reef Center (PICRC) recognized Mr. Noah Idechong, former Chair of PICRC’s Board of Director for his outstanding work in the conservation arena and his contribution to PICRC. Mr. Idechong was appointed to his position in 2012 by former President, Tommy E. Remengesau Jr. and had been with the Center until he resigned in February of this year.  Mr. Idechong resigned from his position in the PICRC Board because of potential real or perceived conflict of interest his new role as The Nature Conservancy’s Micronesia Chapter Director.

PICRC, during their partnership meeting with Palau Conservation Society, honored and gave thanks to Mr. Noah Idechong for his years of service as a member of the board. Mr. Idechong is a conservation leader who has been supporter of PICRC, even before his term as a board member.  He will continue to be an active supporter and will continue to work with the Center in the coming years.

PICRC is also excited to continue to work with and strengthen their collaboration with TNC and with Mr. Idechong in his new role as Executive Director of TNC Micronesia Chapter.

PICRC, PCS & TNC to strengthen their partnership and collaboration

On February 24, at 10am, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) hosted a meeting with Palau Conservation Society (PCS) in hopes to establish stronger collaborative efforts for the future. In attendance of the meeting, Board of Directors and key staffs from PICRC and Palau Conservation Society (PCS), as well as Noah Idechong, former Chair of PICRC Board of Directors and new Executive Director of the Nature Conservancy (TNC), Micronesia Chapter. The main goal of the meeting was to find a common ground between these three organizations, revisit existing collaborating works and discuss on how to move forward in the next 25 years.

After years of collaborative partnership to promote conservation efforts, PICRC, PCS, and TNC, are excited and are planning to work more closely together. These three organizations have reached an agreement and to move forward with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to clarify and strengthen their partnership. “With the creation of the MOU between these three organizations, we hope to work together and complement each other’s work” stated former Minister of Finance and PCS Executive Committee Treasurer, Mr. Elbuchel Sadang.

To strengthen partnership, the three organizations will continue to work closely to promote the conservation efforts they have made over the years addressing issues from terrestrial and marine ecosystem.