• Vacancy

Vacancy – Aquarist

Salary: $10,764-$20,801 per annum depending on experience and   qualifications plus generous fringe benefits  
Opening Date: September 1, 2023  
Closing Date: September 30, 2023 

Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) is seeking applicants for the  position of an Aquarist.  

Minimum Requirements:  
Must have a minimum of high school education with preferably strong background  in marine science or related field. Must have good command of spoken & written  English language.  

Position Purpose:  
This position is designed as an Aquarist level position for the Palau Aquarium.  Incumbent shall perform basic to more advance tropical reef aquarium keeping.  Including but not limited to general maintenance of aquarium life support system  and animal care management. Responsible for keeping inventory on all aquarium  supplies and equipment.  

Duties and Responsibilities  
∙ Maintains exhibits in accordance with established themes supporting and  educational philosophy of science and conservation education.  

∙ Handles inventory control and ordering of supplies for all exhibit areas.  ∙ Collects specimens and food organisms using scuba and collecting equipment.  ∙ Supervises aquarium volunteers.  

∙ Provides daily care to the aquarium animals, including cleaning, general exhibit  maintenance and record keeping.  

∙ Handles diet preparation, feeding, general husbandry, and disease treatment of  display organisms.  

∙ Maintains all live exhibit tanks, rearing tanks, and quarantine tanks in good  working condition. 

∙ Helps collect, transport and handle aquarium stocks.  

∙ Maintains proper water quality in the exhibits and quarantine tanks by  collecting data, including but not limited to water temperature, salinity, Ph, and  other water analysis data required to ensure survival of animal stock.  

∙ Interact with aquarium visitors, leading group tours and outreach programs.  ∙ Be committed to supporting the Center’s mission of providing all visitors with  unique, high quality Palauan marine ecosystem experience. Interpret the  Center’s exhibition and display to demonstrate the special characteristics of the  organisms; involved.  

∙ Performs other duties as assigned by CEO and his supervisor.  

To apply, please e-mail your resume with a 2×2 photo or a copy of your ID, name  of two references, and a cover letter to Ms. Caryn Lkong Koshiba at clkoshiba@picrc.org. Only short-listed applicants will be notified within two  weeks after the closing date of this announcement to set up interview  appointments. Applications must be received no later than the above closing date.  

Submitted applications will be acknowledged upon receipt.  

Be part of the PICRC Team and contribute to conservation efforts in Palau  and the world!