• PICRC staff

Marine Biologist Daniel Cassidy joins PICRC as Aquarium Researcher

The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) is happy to welcome Daniel Cassidy as the new Aquarium Researcher. The role sits within the Outreach Department with Dan working under the supervision of Aquarium Supervisor Asap Bukurrou.

Since joining PICRC in September, Dan has been involved in coral restoration in Ngaraard, the aquaculture of giant clams and corals, and a project to quantify useful fisheries species in blue carbon ecosystems in collaboration with the Sasakawa Peace Foundation. He also takes part in various outreach activities.

With research interests that include aquaculture, genetics, and coral physiology, Dan brings experience with coral restoration, having worked on the Great Barrier Reef, and molecular biology. He also worked in environmental consultancy in Queensland, Australia where he designed citizen science surveys for the Museum of Underwater Art. He received a Master’s in Tropical Marine Biology from the University of Essex in the UK in 2019. His dissertation project used genetic sequencing to describe the community of fungi living in the coral microbiome.

“By coming to PICRC I hope to broaden my skills by collaborating with a wide range of scientists from all over the world, while working on one of the most pristine coral reef ecosystems I have seen,” said Dan.

“The new PICRC Strategic Plan shifted the focus of the Palau Aquarium from attracting tourists to education, awareness, and aquaculture to support food security and coral reef restoration,” stated Asap Bukurrou, PICRC’s Aquarium Supervisor. “The addition of Dan as our Aquarium Researcher will help us in implementing our new strategic plan and our new focus for the Palau Aquarium.”