Keobel Sakuma Chair Director, Palau Tuna Project, The Nature Conservancy
Dr. Robert Richmond Vice Chair Research Professor/Director, Kewalo Marine Laboratory Pacific Biosciences Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Surech Bells Secretary / Treasurer Special Assistant, Office of the President
Ann Singeo Member Executive Director, Ebiil Society
Omar Faustino Member Melekeok State Legislator/ Private Businessman
Kaleb Udui Jr. Ex Officio Minister of Finance
Steven Victor Ex Officio Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and the Environment
Dr. Yimnang Golbuu Ex Officio CEO, Palau International Coral Reef Center


Dr. Yimnang Golbuu Chief Executive Officer
Arnice Yuji Director Administration Dept.
Geraldine Rengiil Director Research Dept.
King Sam Director PNMS Dept.
Adeeshia I. Tellei Executive Coordinator Executive Office
Hiromi Ito Graphic Designer Executive Office
Masasinge Tellei Hideos Communications and Outreach Officer Executive Office
Nik Varley Communications and Outreach Officer Executive Office
Jenna Mersai Accounting Officer Administration Dept.
Ikertang Tellei Accounting Assistant Administration Dept.
ChrisEve Inacio Sales Associate Administration Dept.
Joy Shmull Facility & Maintenance Supervisor Administration Dept.
Gloria T. Kloulchad Custodian Administration Dept.
Arius Merep Maintenance Technician Administration Dept.
Alik K. Ulechong Maintenance Technician Administration Dept.
Rodney Kazuma Maintenance Technician Administration Dept.
Jefferson Michael Security Officer Administration Dept.
Jay Oruetamor Security Officer Administration Dept.
Morton R. Sawaichi Security Officer Administration Dept.
Asap Bukurrou Aquarium Supervisor Administration Dept.
Mcgee M. Mereb Aquarist Administration Dept.
Dr. Louw Claassens Science Officer and Researcher Research Dept.
Christina Muller- Karanassos Researcher Research Dept.
Elsei Tellei Researcher Research Dept.
E. Ikelau Otto Researcher Research Dept.
Victor Nestor Researcher Research Dept.
Dawnette Olsudong Research Assistant Research Dept.
Geory Mereb Research Assistant Research Dept.
LeahMarie Bukurou Research Assistant Research Dept.
McQuinnley Mesengei Research Assistant Research Dept.
Jeremiah Ngiratreged PNMS Surveillance and Enforcement Officer PNMS Dept.
Tadashi Kimura Chief Advisor Coastal Ecosystem Management
Akira Shintani Project Coordinator Communication, Education, and Public Awareness (CEPA)