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Palau Aquarium Receives Donation of Giant Clam Seedlings from Bureau of Fisheries

The Bureau of Fisheries has donated over four thousand giant clam seedlings to Palau Aquarium to support the Aquarium’s new focus to become a hub for student learning and a support center for aquaculture development. 

Left to right: McGee Mereb, Sone Shigeaki, Asap Bukurrou. 

Over the next five years, the Aquarium plans to implement best practices for giant clam breeding. The young clams from the Bureau of Fisheries will grow the Aquarium’s brood stock inventory and support its aquaculture efforts. 

“During our recent five-year strategic planning meeting we decided to shift Palau Aquarium’s focus from serving tourists to developing a sustainable aquaculture program that supports our communities and our environment” said Asap Bukurrou, Palau Aquarium’s supervisor. “This generous donation from the Bureau of Fisheries will help us reach that goal.”

The donation includes two species of giant clam: duadeb (Hippopus hippopus) and otkang (Tridacna gigas) between six months and a year old. 

Both of these clam species have been a staple food source for generations but have become scarce in recent years due to overfishing. 

The Bureau of Fisheries cultures several species of giant clam at the Palau Mariculture Demonstration Center, one of the largest aquaculture facilities in the region. 

“We’re grateful that the Bureau of Fisheries has shared their giant clam stock and their expertise with us as we launch our project” continued Bukurrou. “We’re looking forward working with the new seedlings as they grow out over the next few years.”