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PICRC Brings Hands-On School Programs to Peleliu Elementary School

The Palau International Coral Reef Center visited Peleliu Elementary School earlier this month to lead a hands-on ocean education program with the school’s students.  

All fifty-four Peleliu Elementary students participated in the program and joined activities exploring ocean acidification, marine protected areas and research in the Palau National Marine Sanctuary. 

“Schools in the outlying states aren’t always able to take advantage of our programs in Koror, so this was a great opportunity to bring Center’s activities directly to Peleliu.” said Dr. Yimnang Golbuu, the Center’s CEO. “We’re grateful that Peleliu Elementary welcomed our team and let us present for the entire school.”  

Ikelau Otto, one of the Center’s Researchers, shared PICRC’s research in Peleliu with students, including studies of coral reefs, fish stocks and seagrass monitoring in the Teluleu conservation area. 

Then Center’s staff then led the students through a series of hands-on science activities and shared an original animated video on the Palau National Marine Sanctuary. 

Singe Hideos, the Center’s Communications and Outreach Officer finished the program by presenting the Center’s new lesson on invasive species.  

The Center also donated fifty-eight copies of its new activity book to the school. The new book features puzzles, coloring pages and drawing activities to teach children about Palau’s ocean. 

“It was a pleasure to get to know Peleliu Elementary School’s students and teachers” said Hideos. “We’re looking forward sharing our programs with the rest of Palau’s schools as well.”  

PICRC’s Outreach team and Research Team hope to implement the same outreach with Angaur Elementary and Kayangel Elementary School in the coming months, to target these outlying states that aren’t always available for other activities organized at the center.