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PICRC celebrates World Oceans Day 2023

June 8th is recognized as World Oceans Day. For the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC), it’s a chance to highlight the hard work and effort that the Center undertakes to ensure healthy reefs and ocean for the Palauan people.

PICRC’s celebration started on June 2nd, with a special mini education carnival at the Palau Aquarium. The carnival had stations focused on seagrass, coral reef restoration, and the deep ocean. PICRC’s partners—Ebiil Society, Inc., Belau Offshore Fishers, Inc., and the Division of Maritime Security and Fish & Wildlife Protection—also joined the carnival and presented on their own efforts. Over 250 students attended from seven (7) schools.

On June 8th, PICRC joined the Ocean Fest Night Market, organized by Palau Visitors Authority, with miniature traveling aquariums and information panels to highlight the importance of the coastal ecosystems around Palau.

“We would like to extend thanks to the schools, students, and our partners who helped make these events a success, and to everyone who visited the booth at the night market,” stated Caryn Lkong Koshiba, PICRC’s Interim Chief Executive Officer.