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PICRC launches two new intercession programs

The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) launched two new intercession programs over the last two months.

The Ocean Explorers Program was held on September 25-29, 2023, targeting students in 6th & 7th grades. 20 slots were made available and a total of 18 students participated throughout the week. The program touched on the different marine ecosystems in Palau and their challenges, in addition to lectures and activities on the different research efforts done at the Center. The students also worked in groups throughout the week on different science projects related to our marine ecosystems, including ocean acidification and sedimentation in the mangroves. The science projects were presented to their peers at the end of the week followed with a beach clean-up and a trip to the rock islands.

The Educators in Science Program was held on October 3-5, 2023, targeting science teachers who teach 5th-8th grade. There were 15 slots available and 13 participants signed up from Koror Elementary School, George B. Harris Elementary School, Meyuns Elementary School, Aimeliik Elementary School, and SDA Elementary School. The program introduced the different science lesson plans that PICRC has developed in line with the national science curriculum, along with research presentations, hands-on activities, lab etiquette, and other educational resources. At the end of the workshop, all the lesson plans, posters, and hands-on activity kits were provided to the teachers for them to conduct in their classrooms.

We would like to thank all participating students and teachers that took part in our first intercession programs. We are now planning for the 2nd round of the Ocean Explorers Program in December 2023, and the Educators in Science Program for March and Summer 2024. For more details, please contact outreach.picrc@gmail.com.