Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Our research staff have published the following journal articles in partnership with leading scientists and institutions.

Stock-recruitment relationships in pocilloporid corals are likely disrupted by thermal stress
Bulletin of Marine Science

Satori G, Karanassos CM, Mesengei MQ, Olsudong D, Mereb G, Mumby PJ

First records of the Pacific Sleeper shark Somniosus cf. pacificus in the western tropical Pacific
Journal of Fish Biology Volume 102, Issue 6

Claassens L, Phillips B, Ebert DA, Delaney D, Henning B, Nestor V, Ililau A, Giddens J

No apparent trade-offs associated with heat tolerance in a reef-building coral
Communications Biology 6, 400

Liam Lachs L, Humanes A, Pygas DR, Bythell JC, Mumby PJ, Ferrari R, Figueira WF, Beauchamp E, East HK, Edwards AJ, Golbuu Y, Martinez HM, Sommer B, van der Steeg E, Guest JR

Assessing and managing charismatic marine megafauna in Palau: Bumphead parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum) and Napoleon wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus)
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems Volume 33, Issue 2

Friedlander AM, Bukurrou A, Filous A, Karanassos CM, Koike H, Koshiba S, Mereb G, Nestor V, Oleson KLL, Olsudong D, Oruetamor J, Otto EI, Polloi K, Rengiil G, Tellei E, Golbuu Y

Small-scale genetic structure of coral populations in Palau based on whole mitochondrial genomes: Implications for future coral resilience
Evolutionary Applications 16:518– 529

Palumbi SR, Walker NS, Hanson E, Armstrong K, Lippert M, Cornwell B, Nestor V, Golbuu Y

Coral bleaching resistance variation is linked to differential mortality and skeletal growth during recovery
Evolutionary Applications 16:504– 517

Walker NS, Nestor V, Golbuu Y, Palumbi SR

Persistence of phenotypic responses to short-term heat stress in the tabletop coral Acropora hyacinthus
PLoS ONE 17(9): e0269206

Walker NS, Cornwell BH, Nestor V, Armstrong KC, Golbuu Y, Palumbi SR

Functional and phylogenetic responses of motile cryptofauna to habitat degradation
Journal of Animal Ecology

Stella JS, Wolfe K, Roff G, Rogers A, Priest M, Golbuu Y, Mumby PJ

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