Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Our research staff have published the following journal articles in partnership with leading scientists and institutions.

The movements of yellowfin tuna, blue marlin, and sailfish within the Palau National Marine Sanctuary and the western Pacific Ocean
ICES Journal of Marine Science

Filous A, Friedlander AM , Toribiong M, Lennox RJ, Mereb G, Golbuu Y

Widespread variation in heat tolerance and symbiont load are associated with growth tradeoffs in the coral Acropora hyacinthus in Palau

Cornwell B, Armstrong K, Walker NS, Lippert M, Nestor V, Golbuu Y, Palumbi SR

Tropical cyclone contribution to extreme rainfall over southwest Pacific Island nations
Climate Dynamics. OPEN ACCESS

Deo A, Chand SS, Ramsay H, Holbrook NJ, McGree S, Magee A, Bell S, Titimaea M, Haruhiru A, Malsale P, Mulitalo S, Daphne A, Prakash B, Vainikolo V, Koshiba S.

Modelled larval supply predicts coral population recovery potential following disturbance.
Mar Ecol Prog Ser. Vol. 661: 127–145, 2021

Gouezo M, Wolanski E, Critchell K, Fabricius K, Harrison P, Golbuu Y, Doropoulos C

Protect high seas biodiversity.
Letters 372:65

Helm RR, Clark N, Harden-Davies H, Amon D, Girguis P, Bordehore C, Earle S, Gibbons MJ, Golbuu Y, Haddock SHD, Houghton JDR, Javidpour J, McCauley DJ, Morgan L, Obura D, Pakhomov EA, Pitt KA, Ramon JJ, Sumaila R, Thiebot JBT

An Experimental Framework for Selectively Breeding Corals for Assisted Evolution
Frontiers in Marine Science 8:669995

Humanes A, Beauchamp EA, Bythell JC, Carl MK, Craggs JR, Edwards AJ, Golbuu Y, Lachs L, Martinez HM, Palmowski P, Paysinger F, Randle JL, van der Steeg E, Sweet M, Treumann A, Guest JR

Effects of habitat, fishing, and fisheries management on reef fish populations in Palau
Fisheries Research Volume 241, September 2021, 105996

Karanassos CM, Filous A, Friedlander AM, Bueno JC, Gouezo M, Lindfield SJ, Nestor V, Marino LL, Mereb G, Olsduong D, Golbuu Y

Potential local adaptation of corals at acidified and warmed Nikko Bay, Palau.
Scientific Reports 11:11192

Kurihara H, Watanabe A, Tsugi A, Mimura I, Hongo C, Kawai T, Reimer JD, Katsunori K, Gouezo M, Golbuu Y

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